Rifle Range

The Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph Range Complex formerly called The Tennessee Sports Foundation Range, is located about seven miles south of Jackson, Tennessee on Riverside Drive. The gate to the property is on the south side of a large microwave tower that can be seen from Jackson. The property contains about 65 acres.

In September, 1998 work began to update the range. Three berms were created, in addition to the one that already existed, giving the range two sections. One was a 100 yard rifle range. The other was a 50 yard one for pistols. The parking lot was enlarged and a covering was built on the rifle range. In 2000 work was begun on safety walls on the pistol range to give shooters an opportunity to shoot simultaneously in three 20 yard bays. These were finished in 2003. A covering was also finished on the pistol range. Steel containers were put on both ranges to hold materials. In November of 2003, a trailer was bought and moved to the range to serve as a classroom for handgun classes as well as a meeting place for the Club.

In 2007 an addition 63 acres was purchased to the north of the present berms. On Wednesday, September 24, 2008 the 500 yard rifle range was opened for the first time. During the Machine Gun Shoot on Saturday, September 27 it was opened to the public on that occasion.

TSF Officers for 2013-2014

  • President: Tim Perry
  • Vice President: Dan Vaughn
  • Treasurer: Tom Ladd
  • Secretary: Tom and Barbara Harbin
  • Executive Officer: Butch Browning
  • Communication Officer: Ray Hawk

TSF Board Members for 2013-2014

  • Butch Browning
  • Mike Butler
  • Darrell Kimbel
  • Brad Davidson
  • Ray Lincer
  • Dan Vaughn
  • John¬†Durfey
  • Charles Stanfield

Legal Counsel: Jeff Mueller